Precautions for Online Ordering
and Delivery Services

Order processing and delivery time 

  • Delivery to Area / Address: We only accept orders to be sent to valid Singapore residential addresses and business addresses. If the address you choose is different from the actual delivery address, the delivery will be affected and the goods will be returned. In this case, we will not be able to refund the shipping fee, but it will not affect the refund of the order you purchased.
  • Arrangement for failure to receive the goods : If you can not receive the goods as scheduled due to your personal reasons, please contact to make arrangements. We may charge additional administrative fees. If you fail to arrange the delivery again within 2 weeks from the date of delivery, our company may cancel your order without making a refund due to the failure to make delivery arrangements.
  • Delivery arrangement: After the order is successfully placed and the payment is completed, the system will deliver the goods according to the delivery address and payment time you filled in. The working days of Swisse online store are from Monday to Friday, Singapore time, excluding Singapore public holidays. Orders on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the next working day.


  • Note:
    • Please ensure that the correct recipient's mobile phone number and delivery address are provided when ordering, in order to receive pickup notification SMS or phone notification.
    • All the ownership, title and risk of loss and / or damage to the products you have purchased are transferred to you when the products leave our company’s premises and there, provided that the company has received all and valid payments for the products.


General terms and disclaimer

  • To the extent permitted by law, for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to other intangible losses such as profits, goodwill, etc.) or due to any of the company’s The company does not assume any responsibility for losses caused by personnel, employees, agents, sellers or customer service personnel.
  • The company will not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses caused by the following: (1) This website, other websites linked to this website, and other websites linked from this website (collectively referred to as "linked websites") , Access or use of online ordering services or online payment systems, interference or inaccessibility during access or use; or (2) reliance on any content or products displayed on this website or linked websites, including but It is not limited to any direct, indirect, special or consequential damage or economic loss.
  • As far as the online payment system is concerned, to the extent permitted by law, the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including indirect and consequential losses) suffered by you due to the following reasons: (1) any malfunction or delay , Interruption, suspension or any other restrictions affecting your online payment; (2) any error, failure or suspension of your bank payment mechanism; or (3) any other due to or related to third-party online payment systems Matters.
  • To the extent permitted by law, you shall bear your own risk when purchasing any products from this website.
  • You agree that if your breach of contract, negligence, omission or intentional misconduct or any breach of your obligations under this "Online Ordering and Delivery Service Precautions" causes any property loss or damage or any personal injury or death, You must compensate the company for this and enable the company to obtain the compensation fully and effectively.
  • This "Precautions for Online Ordering and Delivery Services" is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Any disputes arising from or related to these terms and conditions, including but not limited to any questions about their existence, validity or termination, shall be submitted to the Singapore courts for final settlement.

In case of any dispute, Swisse Online Store reserves the right of final decision.